Welcome to Sapore Nostro

Our aim is to make your dining experience a pleasant one.

We encourage our team to be friendly and efficient while still creating the feeling of dining at home with family and friends (without the dishes of course).

Our food is simple, fresh home style cooking with a varied choice, something for everyone. Our changing specials board (Offerta del Giorno) gives our regular patrons an even greater dining experience.

We provide choices for people with special dietary needs, and prepare as much a possible on site to avoid the extra preservatives in pre-sliced or package foods.

We also take pride in our range of home made desserts and cakes (no artificial ingredients in these) so leave some room for sweets.

We would also be pleased to provide a cake (at a reasonable cost) to help celebrate your special occasion.

Our drinks menu offers a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks as well as a good range of spirits, beers and wines.

We understand that some customers have a preference for certain wines (just like the old Italians did because they believed that their home made wine was always the best) therefore we are happy for patrons to BYO wine only(limited to one bottle be customer). Service fee applies.

We encourage patrons wherever possible to make reservations for dining in, as this allows us to provide sufficient staff. Even traditionally quiet nights can become like a mad Italian family day, so make a reservation or alternatively just sit back have an extra wine and enjoy the night.

We also have an extensive takeaway and delivery menu for those nights that you just have to stay at home. We aim to provide a consistent product in reasonable time. Remember every thing is made to order.

We are happy to have your feed back either in person, or in our feed back book.

So sit back enjoy OUR FLAVOURS and our brand of hospitality.